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Name: Raquel Campos
id: 20690855
Section: S-342

A. Now It’s your turn to write about yourself. Draw a pinture that describes you

My name is Raquel, i'm 18 years old, i'm from Maracaibo. I study mass communication at URBE.

*I love: I love my family, i love so much summing the pool and beach, music, out with my friends.

*I have: injusice, lie...

*My dream is: big profesional

*My opinion about english: it's big language, it's the language universal...

B.Now meet two new friends.

She name is Raquel Hernandez, she's my mom, she's 50 years old.. she's from venezuela.

*She love: she likes the people and very so much the pool.

*She have: lie...

*she dreams is: very health for the family

He name is david Da'mota, he's my best friends, he's 18 years old... He's study Administration at URBE.

*He love: he like very much soccer.

*He have: injustice.

*He dreams is: to graduate.

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Act. 02/06

I sleep until 6am, i wake up and go to the bathroom, i brush my teeth, i take a shower among other things. Then i go to dress up, and i have breakfast.
Later at approximately 6.45am i go to URBE to class.
When i leave my class, i share time with my friends and i go to the Gocha's house, to have lunch and wait for the class that i have in the afternoon... Then i spend the afternonn with them. Later at 6pm my mom leaves her job to pick up and i go to my house; i have dinner with my family, i take a shower and i do my daily homework, i get on the internet and then i go to sleep and wait for the next day.